Camping 2007
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Completed Trips ...

Apr 11 - 15

Yogi Bear Jellystone Quarryville, PA

Kicking off the 2007 camping season.  It's Spring Break at school, so Ashley and I are taking a 5-day camping trip up to Yogi in Quarryville.
June 6 - 13 Holiday Trav-L-Park
Virginia Beach, VA
Back to VA Beach - by maybe this time we'll be a little closer.  So fare it's us and the Canet group, plus a cabin for Paul & Katie.  
July 2 - 7 Fort Whaley
Ocean City, MD
This is Sam's summer vacation week.  She and I will be heading out to Ocean City for some fun on the beach.  Skyler will be joining us for this trip.
Aug 20-26 Yogi Bear Jellystone Hagerstown, MD Closing out the summer season before school begins.  I've got the "VIP" site reserved for the week.  Also, Saturday Aug 25 is the ViPS/BTS Bash.
Oct 12 - 14 Yogi Bear Jellystone Hagerstown, MD Back to Yogi in Hagerstown for our annual Halloween event.  The usual crowd (of 30+) will be there.